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Placid Pools are a Cairns based pool Design & Construction Company, servicing Cairns and the Far North Queensland region. We specialise in Tropical Pool Technology and World Class design for domestic and commercial swimming pools. Placid Pools build our pools to last and to give you years of enjoyment, so with that in mind all of our pools are constructed with concrete. We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and we build for the tropics, with more knowledge about our unique Cairns location than any other pool construction company. Quality and perfection really shouldn’t be rushed.

With over 42 years and 9000 pools worth of experience we have become the market leader in our industry. Nobody is more committed to your relaxation than Placid Pools!

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Da Vinci didn’t let anyone tell him how to paint the Mona Lisa, and we see no reason why we should tell anyone what kind of aquatic relaxation station they should opt for, either!

We are experts in finding the perfect solution for your needs and are here to assist you throughout the entire journey. We take your requirements very seriously and can offer a variety of options to ensure that you end up with exactly what you want.

We design and construct custom concrete pools and install a variety of spas that suit all desires. Perhaps you’re interested in our ecofriendly Placidity Pool system, or the health benefits of a Mineral Pool. Whatever you want, it all starts with a no-obligation consultation with our team.

Types Of Pools


We’ll let you in on a secret – all of our pools are made from concrete, no matter what style you choose! This is because concrete is the superior choice of material for pool construction, lasting much longer than their fibreglass counterparts.


Mineral pools look very similar to a standard pool, with a key difference.

The water is infused with a rich blend of magnesium and potassium salts to offer added health and relaxation benefits to your pool.


Plunge Pools are great options for smaller spaces or if you want to make a cold plunge part of your regular self-care regimen. You can also combine your plunge pool with mineral pool technology for even more health benefits.


Our innovative EcoSplash technology offers the ability to have the serenity of a natural water pool in your home. Placidity Pools use natures gifts to filter your water and keep it clean, meaning you’ll never need to add chemicals.


We’re one of the most experienced pool construction companies in Far North Queensland and are capable of delivering large, complex projects on time and on budget and we can assistance and advice every step of the way.

Why Choose Placid Pools?

Proudly servicing Far North Queensland for over 40 years, Placid Pools blend our Italian flair for design with a deep love and understanding of our tropical location.

40+ Years of Pool Construction Experience

Second Generation Swimming Pool Builder

Nationally Awarded and Respected

Over 9,000 Quality Swimming Pools

Complete Service From Concept to Creation

The Pool Shop

Keeping Your Pool Crystal Clear

Placid Pools are Cairns’ most trusted supplier of pool equipment and accessories. Visit our store to find everything you need to keep your pool water crystal clear and equipped with everything you need for longlasting enjoyment. 

  • Water testing on-site – free for regular customers
  • Robotic cleaners
  • Chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Filtration equipment, parts and media
  • Pool slides, furniture and more

Take advantage of Placid Pools’ expertise and talk to one of our friendly staff about your plans for your pool – we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, and if we don’t have it on hand we can probably source it for you.

Pool Models

Take some inspiration from the variety of ways we can approach pool design!

Pool Construction With A Conscience

Create a natural backyard oasis with a Placidity pool.

What People Say

Secluded Retreat

This rectangular swimming pool was built with relaxation and restoration in mind.

Utilising the space was key – although not a huge space, there was still plenty of opportunity. The outer walls and plant foliage offer a shaded and secluded tone that has been utilised by the poolside deck.

Sunset Scenery

We wanted to make sure we took full advantage of the beautiful location of this pool.

The infinity edging and placement of the pool offers boundless views of sunrise and sunset and is a true testament to how to our consultation process can lead to beautiful pool design.

Our skilled pool masons also used their pebbling magic to ensure that the pool has a permanent blue glow.

Stepping Stones

We loved the concept behind this one – place the pool between the two wings of the residence, with a set of stepping stones to bridge the gap between them. A curious and captivating idea!

We love doing things with pool design that are quirky and unique – we want your pool to represent you perfectly so you get the most enjoyment out of it.

Simple Serenity

The kidney shape of this pool and deep blue finish allows it to blend naturally into its surroundings and the tiling choice gives a fresh, unencumbered look.

The lack of sharp edges help to make this pool look especially inviting.

Nestled in Nature

This kidney-shaped pool takes advantage of the large natural features that it was built next to. Behind, nature stretches as far as the eye can see.

Natural tones and rocks were used around the edging to accentuate the feeling of finding a beautiful pool in nature. The lack of sharp edges within the pool help to make it feel particularly inviting.

Double Delight

The kidney shape of this pool is defined by the adjoining spa – utilising a waterfall outlet for spill off, this gives the space a truly connected feel.

Rocks and pebbles have been used to accent the tone of the space surrounding the pool, giving a natural aesthetic.

Cute Corners

One of the biggest benefits of concrete pools is how we can use a custom-shaped pool to utilise space. By building this pool around the corner of the building, we were able to give the client a large pool space without impacting on the garden’s other useability.

For extra family fun, this client chose to install a slide – we have a wide variety of pool toys and equipment available.


Concrete pools allows for all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes. Curves generally look more inviting and natural, and this pool utilises a unique shape and section of wet edging to help bring nature closer.

Due to the concrete nature of the pool construction we were also able to customise the step placement exactly how the client requested.

Water Wings

As this pool was being built for use by guests of a hotel, it was important to give the impression that different sections of the pool offer privacy whilst still utilising the space and offering the biggest pool possible.

The wings on one side allow for separate parties to have their own space without encroaching upon each other, whilst the larger space on the other side acts like a traditional lap pool.